On November 20th, Supercritical LLC was invited into the video studios of John Lothian News to provide insight on the historic introduction of adult recreational cannabis use in Illinois, commencing January 1, 2020 along with our observations on future investment opportunities. This video production was generously sponsored by the TMX Group. And as a reminder, MX (Montreal Exchange) will launch the S&P/MX International Cannabis Index Futures (SMJ) early 2020. Supercritical wishes the TMX Group and its MX listing entity all the best for success with your SMJ Futures. And we extend additional thanks to John Lothian News (JLN) and the entire team at JLN for their support and production facilities and in helping create an important extension in how cannabis industry news gets reported. We look forward to future endeavors of this kind with JLN and the TMX Group. Enjoy the video.





Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Supercritical is an independent investment advisory firm. Its businesses include capital raising readiness, capital introductions, cultivation, and operations.

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