Supercritical, LLC Launches Independent Cannabis Advisory Firm


CHICAGO – October 9, 2019 – Supercritical, LLC (“Supercritical”), an independent advisory firm announced that it has named Jay Caauwe, Kerry Jordan, and Sparky Rose as managing partners.

Designed as an idea meritocracy and a client focus first consulting firm, Chicago-based Supercritical, LLC aims to be trusted partners with its clients as they navigate the ebbs and flows of this rapidly changing marketplace. Co-founders and managing partners, Jay Caauwe, Kerry Jordan, and Sparky Rose bring to the growing cannabis landscape extensive and distinct backgrounds spanning capital and financial market structures, cannabis and hemp cultivation, and dispensary operations.

Said co-founder Kerry Jordan, “Jay, Sparky, and I came together because we have a commitment to excellence and a mutual passion for elevating and leading change in the cannabis community. We believe being independent—employee owned and operated—is a prerequisite to serving our clients’ best interests. We have a ‘client-first’ mentality that maintains laser focus on the client experience.”

Supercritical’s pillars of commitment ensure clients receive top tier guidance across their capital raising, compliance, regulatory, and vertical integration needs. Successful client outcomes drive everything Supercritical does.




Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Supercritical is an independent investment advisory firm. Its businesses include capital raising readiness, capital introductions, cultivation, and operations.

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